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Norway's legendary eccentric artist MORTIIS recently finished filming a video for his upcoming single "Decadent & Desperate". "I think some of the things going on in there will be new to a lot of people, coming from us, and it was very new to me to, and I'm excited as well as a bit anxious about," Mortiis said in a statement. Check out stills from the video on the splash page to the group's official web site.

"Decadent & Desperate" will be released in April, to coincide with the group's U.K. tour, and will be made available in various formats. The single will contain the title cut, remixes made by Mortiis, and a brand new song titled "Underdog". "I'm really into those remixes — they're better than the last ones, I feel, and I also like the new song a lot — it's a bit different from the album, more direct and to-the-point somehow," Mortiis said.

In other news, MORTIIS are currently working on their first live DVD. "It was shot last year," the singer said. Iit was mixed when we did the single, and we're currently looking at what sort of bonus material we'll get to put in there, which is a bit down to the label really, but I'm hoping to get a lot of cool stuff in there, like older videos and so on."

MORTIIS' U.K. tour will kick off April 19 in Cardiff. Support at all dates will come from NFD (ex-FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM) and PANIC DHH. A complete list of currently confirmed tour dates can be found at this location.
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